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Bird Netting Installation Edinburgh

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Bird Netting Installation Edinburgh has over 25 years of experience in bird proofing homes and businesses in Edinburgh and neighbouring areas. Further, we will provide you with a free quote and free expert advice in all areas.


Bird Netting for Businesses

While the majority of us like to view birds around, it can be a very diverse matter when your building s overrun with many of them in the incorrect place. Mainly, birds like pigeons, starlings, and seagulls can become a horrible nuisance if they’re permitted to assemble on business premises.


Bird Netting

Bird Netting Installation Edinburgh has Bird Netting and Larus bird wire restraints that can assist in moving birds away from your house without harm. Call us to examine with specialists, bird netting and gull wire systems that will discourage pest birds from your buildings without harming them.

Overall, don’t waste time, book an appointment with us today, and one of our technicians will help you quickly and efficiently.


The Main Reasons to use Bird Netting


  • Flexible – Can be used to cover up shelters, bridges, roofs and signage as well as construction facades. Use it flat and vertically in any region, big or small.
  • Versatile – Can be fitted forever to safeguard your premises or used briefly for seasonal problems.
  • Harmless – An adequately installed netting system does not harm birds. It merely discourages them from landing and creating a roost on your house.
  • Cost-Effective – Can lead to lower housework and upkeep costs as bird fouling difficulties are reduced.


Bird Wire for Gull Problems

Larus bird wire is used to prevent seagulls from rooftops. It features sturdier stainless steel wire than netting (which is not as useful for bigger pest birds like gulls) from recognised nesting sites. Gulls are big, healthy birds so you’ll permanently deter them efficiently. We can deliver this solution in the form of the Larus gull wire system.


Five Year Guarantee on All Bird Netting

Bird Netting Installation Edinburgh professionals can fit bird netting for an instant and subtle solution to prevent pest birds. What’s more, we bid a five-year assurance on all our proofing works.


Call Bird Netting Installation Edinburgh Today

Call Bird Netting Installation Edinburgh for free advice and a free quotation. Also, we’ll contact you the same day to discuss Bird Netting, Larus bird wire and other reliable and practical solutions to control bird populations in and around your home or business.



When the Romans arrived in Lothian at the end of the 1st century AD, they found a Brittonic Celtic tribe whose name they recorded as the Votadini. Further, the Votadini transitioned into the Gododdin kingdom in the Early Middle Ages, with Eidyn serving as one of the kingdom’s districts. During this period, the Castle Rock site thought to have been the stronghold of Din Eidyn, emerged as the kingdom’s major centre. Also, the medieval poem Y Gododdin describes a war band from across the Brittonic world who gathered in Eidyn before a fateful raid; this may describe a historical event around AD 600.

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