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Bird Netting Installation Leeds has over 25 years of experience in bird proofing domestic and commercial properties in Leeds and nearby areas. Further, we will offer you a free quotation and free specialist guidance in all areas.


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Netting over air-conditioning units on building roof

It is frequently required to avoid birds (usually pigeons) roosting & nesting. In the issue of pigeons, this is typically done by netting or spiking. Also, we have employees who are very knowledgeable in this area.

Bird Point System

Birds roosting around your premises can cause problems for businesses. Pigeons, specially, congregate in big numbers when they discover an area they like. They can be noisy, messy, disruptive and unhygienic, putting off customers and staff alike. There is additionally the potential of damage to your property from detritus and fouling generated by them and subsequent costs of cleaning and repair.


Birds In Domestic Premises

Frequently birds get into the eaves of homes. This can harvest problems of pests, noise & mess. Primarily, the types of birds that nest in these areas are usually starlings or sparrows, both are safe & it is against the law to disrupt, eggs, nests or young. Halting off the holes will have to be done when nothing appears.


Bird Free’ Fire Gel’ For Pigeons, Gulls & All Birds

Bird Free’ Fire Gel’ is a new technique first introduced in 2011 that seems to birds that there is ablaze, making them avert the area. It is fitted in minor dishes, are non-toxic inconspicuous (unlike spikes or netting) and low upkeep. It may need to be supplanted every two years, but in most instances, not.


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Bird Netting Installing Leeds looks forward to chatting with you today and offers you with a free quotation, free specialist advice and free assessment. Overall, we have 25 years experience and look forward to hearing from you. Call us today on 07868 810 037 or 0800 470 3943


Leeds History

Leeds handled one-sixth of England’s export trade in 1770. Further, growth, initially in textiles, was accelerated by the building of the Aire and Calder Navigation in 1699 and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in 1816. Also, in the late Georgian era, William Lupton was one of several central Leeds landowners with a mesne lord title, some of whom, like him, were textile manufacturers. At the time of his death in 1828, Lupton occupied the enclosed fields of the manor of Leeds, his estate including a mill, reservoir, substantial house and outbuildings.

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