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Bird Netting Installation Leicester

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Bird Netting is the most effective form of bird proofing and should be the first methods to consider when selecting the perfect method for pigeon proofing. Mainly, when bird netting is installed correctly, is it durable and long-lasting. Mainly Bird Netting Installation Leicester has over 25 years of experience and will provide a quick, durable system.


Bird Prevention

The most efficient and lasting way to stop trouble birds from causing a dilemma on a building or within an area is to prevent them completely employing a proofing solution. Also, Bird Netting Installation Leicester offers a full array of anti-bird measures as well as resolutions manufactured for individual needs.

Further, Bird Netting Installer Leicester will study your site free of charge and talk to the individuals involved to make sure that we know your bird dilemma. We then completed a thorough report that outlines the options available to you and requires our recommended resolution as well as describing all the costs involved.


Why Choose Bird Netting Installation Leicester

  • Quick installations
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Same-day service
  • Free quotations



When fitted correctly, netting systems are aesthetically satisfying and efficient at avoiding the target varieties from getting access to the proofed area. Although most netting is black, we can fix a variety of alternatives, including no-flame, stone-coloured and transparent. It is vital to fix the right net for the target birds. Mainly, the wrong net could make your issue worse instead of solving it. Our customers can be assured that our skilled surveyors will adequately detect the target varieties and specify the appropriate products to resolve the dilemma.


Anti-bird Spikes

Spiking is appropriate for gulls and pigeons, but it is essential to select the appropriate product change for the objective species and the site. These systems are appropriate for light and dense infestation areas and can avoid daytime perching, night-time roosting, and some nesting sites. Spikes can safeguard anything from the narrowest pipe to the most significant building ledges. They can also be affixed to gutters and windows.  Further, our spike systems are built from heavy-duty stainless steel and are cut flat to avoid damage to the birds.


Call Bird Netting Installing Leicester

Bird Netting Installing Leicester looks forward to chatting with you today and offers you with a free quotation, free expert advice and free assessment. Overall, we have 25 years’ experience and look forward to chatting with you. Call us today on 07868 810 037 or 0800 470 3943.



Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, with a history going back at least two millennia. Also, the native Iron Age settlement encountered by the Romans at the site seems to have developed in the 2nd or 1st centuries BC. Further, little is known about this settlement or the condition of the River Soar at this time. However, roundhouses from this era have been excavated and seem to have clustered along roughly 8 hectares (20 acres) of the east bank of the Soar above its confluence with the Trent. This area of the Soar was split into two channels: a mainstream to the east and a narrower channel on the west, with a presumably marshy island between

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