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If birds cannot land on your home or business, they can’t cause the same level of harm. At Bird Netting Installation Liverpool we’re experts in bird spike connections. Also, we’re using these efficient bird deterrents on public buildings, headquarters, schools, listed houses and churches across Liverpool.


Bird spikes in action

When your view is as prominent as Liverpool’s you want to safeguard it, yet birds, their faeces and their nests can harm buildings and the health of the people who are living and operate all around them.

Further, bird spikes (also known as bird points) are an active, budget-friendly way of safeguarding houses and businesses from bird nuisance. Importantly, they are made of stainless steel; the bird spikes are used to ridges, roofs, guttering and other visible features. They assist in preventing birds from landing or roosting, limiting their potential to trigger harm. And because they are used with glue, there’s no need for piercing or other trimmings, so the reliability of gutters, lead flashings and capping stones is maintained.


Bird spikes in Liverpool

Bird Netting Installation Liverpool is the market-leading approved expert in bird spikes and bird disincentives. Across Liverpool and outside we’re assisting businesses large and small manage their bird pest troubles through the pioneering use of the newest bird prevention technologies.


Bird Control Netting

Bird netting is one of the most popular and most common options for stopping birds from landing and nesting in city areas like Liverpool. It can be fitted almost everywhere, and at Bird Netting Installation Liverpool our netting is constructed from Marine-grade stainless steel. This weather-proof power ensures long wear – up to ten years or more! Ask one of our experienced bird control fitters if this is the most suitable solution for your home or business.


Bird Control Posts and Wiring

Bird control posts and wires are possibly the most subtle yet efficient methods of managing bird populations. Practically unseen from the ground below, the system comprises posts fitted along any flat surface where birds have become a challenge. The tension wires fitted between each of these posts stop birds from getting a toehold and settling on the ledge, or any other surface yet does not damage the bird in any form. This resolution is greatest for regions where populations have not already started to nest; if nesting has happened, we recommend many other explanations for clearing your house of bird troubles.


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King John’s letters patent of 1207 announced the foundation of the borough of Liverpool. Further, by the middle of the 16th century, the population was still around 500. The original street plan of Liverpool is said to have been designed by King John near the same time it was granted a royal charter, making it a borough. The original seven streets were laid out in an H shape: Bank Street (now Water Street), Castle Street, Chapel Street, Dale Street, Juggler Street (now High Street), Moor Street (now Tithebarn Street) and Whiteacre Street (now Old Hall Street).


In the 17th century, there was slow progress in trade and population growth. Battles for control of the town were waged during the English Civil War, including an eighteen-day siege in 1644In 1699, the same year as its first recorded slave ship, Liverpool Merchant, set sail for Africa.

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