Bird Netting

One of the best ways of keeping birds off buildings is to enclose all areas utilising bird exclusion netting, installed over the top and sides of shop roofs, office buildings, restaurant roofs, and car parks. When installed correctly, it will stop birds from landing or perching or nesting at all times of the year.

Nets are typically secured to a 2mm diameter stainless steel cable that has been threaded through stainless perimeter fixings installed at 500mm centres around the perimeter of the area to be protected. Pigeon exclusion netting is made from tough, UV-stabilized polyethylene with a mesh size of 50mm x 50mm.

Pigeon netting is a great way to have bird free buildings and that is still aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It comes in black, stone or translucent colours and is much more difficult to notice on a building.

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