Bird Deterrent Spikes

Bird spikes, also known as anti-roosting spikes, are designed to stop birds resting on top of a variety of surfaces such as fences, roofs, guttering and windowsills. This type of bird deterrent consists of a strip with long spikes which can be attached to various surfaces.

Our practical bird ban pigeon spikes and larger seagull spikes provide a simple and humane way of preventing birds from landing, perching, or nesting in the protected areas.

The spikes are manufactured from a robust UV stabilised weatherproof polycarbonate which the stainless steel spikes are attached.

Bird deterrent spikes are a simple, maintenance-free method of preventing pigeons from perching or roosting on exposed features such as shop signage, drainpipes, guttering and any other narrow ledge.

These stainless steel spikes do not harm the birds, but are flexible, withstand UV rays from the sun and can be installed almost anywhere using a powerful high-tack adhesive. They do not rust and are available in widths that will protect ledges from 50mm wide up to 320mm in a single row.


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