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Bird Netting is the most efficient form of bird proofing and should forever be the first factor when selecting a technique for pigeon proofing. Mainly, when bird netting is fitted correctly, it is practically the only system that can be used with trust in places where there are high levels of movement, where birds are perching at night and nesting. Bird Netting Installation London can assist you today, as we have over 25 years of experience.


Bird Netting

Nets that we have fitted in the past might cover little areas such as a single ledge or eave. Also, bird nets can be used to cover a whole roof or parts of roofs over the factory. But, it can be a substantial elevation/break of a house from the first floor upwards. Further, other standard products for netting are terraces, load up bays and lightwells that involve a ‘cap net’ at the top to stop birds from flying down into the areas. As netting frequently covers many landing areas, it is frequently the most cost-efficient form of bird proofing.

Further, Polyethene knotted nets can survive a broad range of environmental circumstances and as long as they have been fitted correctly and have not been harmed by other trades should have a life expectancy of 10 years. Additionally, care must be undertaken to make sure that the lines of the net and moving in a consistent pattern, and once this is attained, it often blends into the buildings it is covering.


Why Choose Bird Netting Installation London



Bird Netting Installer London has a demonstrated record within the field of pigeon and bird proofing in and around London and the south-east. Also, we make sure that all our bird control contracts are complete with the ultimate competence. Mainly, using top quality pigeon proofing systems (pigeon spikes, bird netting and wires) while presenting a cost-effective, consistent and effective service to reduce our client’s bird infestation problems.



For us, integrity is the only policy, and we try to carry out all our bird proofing schemes, big or small with honesty and integrity. Notably, with thousands of famous pigeon and bird control schemes under our belt, we are one of the most trustworthy bird proofing firms within London and the south-east.




Bird Netting Installer London will complete all bird proofing within the timescale set by our customers. Also, Bird Netting Installation London will always visit the site to evaluate which bird proofing scheme or systems (netting, spikes or wires) are most suitable. Notably, this call is then backed up with a complete written estimate specifying the proofing methods we would indorse, with a time scale to carry out the scheme along with the costs.


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Call Bird Netting Installation London for free knowledge and a free quote. Also, we’ll call you the same day to talk about Bird Netting, bird wire and other reliable and useful solutions to control bird inhabitants in and around your house or company. Call us today on 07868 810 037 or 0800 470 3943 .


London History

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